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The story about our Logo

Like every serious company, our logo has a meaning and story. So how did our logo come to life?
İbrahim Ayhan Özer  1

Our first

We considered the fact that Ayhan Özer has managed to achieve many firsts at Remax and his business career.
İbrahim Ayhan Özer

Ayhan Özer

We added the first letters in Ayhan Özer’s name and surname. We used sharp and strong lines to symolize his passion and seriousity for his job.
İbrahim Ayhan Özer


Our job is to make people the key owner. Presenting the most appropriate keys and choosing the right one. A must-have key in our logo
ayhan ozer logo

And our logo…(

We aimed to tell our clients about our features and values as best we could with this logo…